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With over 18 years of experience as a leading wholesale electrical parts distributor and electrical components supplier, Reliable Electronics Corp utilizes several key sources worldwide to locate obsolete Semiconductors, obsolete Integrated Circuits, heavily allocated electronic components and or hard to find electronic components at the best possible price with fast delivery times.

Our easy-to-use Electronic Parts Search feature will allow you to instantly send a Request for Quotes (RFQ) on parts that are available throughout the world to REC. If the part you’re looking for doesn’t happen to show up via the search engine you can still send us your RFQ’s via our Contact Page. This way we will be able to do further research on the part in question to see if there may be a possible alternative part to offer you instead. We’ve found in the past that many wholesale electrical parts have similar features that allow them to be used as replacements for the original part requested.

  • We provide superior reliability in a typically unreliable electronic parts distribution industry by adhering to specific quality control procedures. When possible we will offer you same day answers or an expected time frame for providing you with answers.


    We offer 5 Business days upon receipt for a Visual Test/Inspection to insure that the parts conform to the Manufactures Specifications regarding; quantity, defective packaging and or any defective leads. We also offer a 30Day Guarantee that the parts will function according to the Manufactures Electronic Specifications, for parts that have “NOT” yet been used or soldered. Exception is for a couple pieces of each Date Code for Sample Testing. You can review all of Reliable Electronics Corp Terms and Conditions via the Terms & Condition Page.

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We are certain that you will be completely satisfied with our superior service, great prices and top quality Active or Passive Components. Our Extensive market knowledge, access to over 3000 worldwide vendors and careful filteration of the reliable vendors sets us apart from other distributors.


Reliable Electronics Corp:  your electrical components supplier for heavily allocated components and hard-to-find wholesale electrical parts in Tampa, Town ‘N’ County, Brandon, and Lutz, FL.

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