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Excess Electronic Inventory - Value Added Programs

We offer a few additional value added programs to help you recoup a portion of your initial investment on any of your unwanted, surplus or excess obsolete electronic component inventory.

  • Whole Lot Purchase
    This is recommended when you’re looking for a quick return on your unwanted, surplus or excess electronic inventory. We’ll make a bid on the entire lot that you’re looking to sell at a discounted price.

  • Consignment Agreement
    This is where you keep the unwanted, surplus or excess electronic inventory in house and we will offer it out for sale as OEM excess availability. This is usually more profitable than selling the whole lot but usually takes considerably more time to sell the inventory.

  • Line Item Buy
    This is when you only want to sell one line item at a time of your unwanted, surplus or excess electronic inventory for quick return on your investment. Once again we’ll make a discounted bid on the line item in question.

Electronic Component Testing

We now offer Component Testing! With this service you are provided with a functional test according to the original manufacturer's specification to determine if the parts are 100% functional and if not, you are provided with a failure report describing the specific problem areas.

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Please note: we do credit card payments.

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