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With over 10 years of experience as a leading Electronic Parts Distributor, Reliable Electronics utilizes several key sources worldwide to locate obsolete semiconductors, obsolete integrated circuits, heavily allocated obsolete components and hard to find electronic components at the best possible price and fastest delivery times.

Our easy to use Electronic Part Search will allow you to instantly send RFQs on about 85% of the electronic parts inventory that is either in our stock or available worldwide. You’ll also be able to send a separate request for quote on any obsolete part that doesn’t show up in our electronic part search engine, so that we can research the remaining 15% of sources and possibly offer you a cross if necessary.

We provide superior reliability in a typically unreliable electronic component distribution industry by adhering to specific quality control guidelines & procedures.  We offer you same day answers, fast reliable service and a 25-day guarantee that all electronic parts will perform to the manufacturer's part specifications.

We are certain that you will be completely satisfied with our superior service, great prices and top quality components.  Our extensive industry knowledge, access to over 3,000 unique suppliers and careful filtration of reliable vendors throughout the world sets us apart from other distributors.

Reliable Electronics Corp — your One Stop Shop for Obsolete Semiconductors, Obsolete Integrated Circuits, Inductors, Allocated Components and a wide range of Hard to Find Electronic Parts.

* Minimum order for domestic customers is $200.00 and for international customers is $250.00.

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